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Debra Booker Artwork

Welcome to Debra Booker's collection of collages and photography 

Meet Debra

Throughout her life, Debra has been creating mixed media, collage, and photography. Noticing, making, and creating are a deep-seated need to express appreciation for color, texture, form and reinterpret all the passed over beauty that is around us. 


Her photography especially hones in on often common, yet overlooked items… close ups of rust, time worn objects, nature. She loves looking closely and finding beauty everywhere. 


Using vintage paper has become even more meaningful in our digital age. Old dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines- these are harder and harder to find and yet they connect us to a simpler past; to a time when we were not in such a hurry and when maybe it was easier to notice our surroundings uninterrupted. 

"I hope my work can conjure those feelings, those buried layers of our more innocent humanity."

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Debra Booker

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