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Meet Debra

Born and raised in New York, and residing in Lexington, KY for the last 20 years, Debra Booker has been making and showing her artwork since 1986. She has worked in many mediums... In her 14 years in Boulder, CO she had a professional Faux Finishing business painting for both residential and commercial clients and her work was featured in regional and national magazines. She also painted vintage furniture and made mosaics that were sold in Colorado and Santa Fe, NM. 


Growing up in a family of creative people, she was always encouraged and enthused to create.  A lifelong lover of flea markets and auctions, she has been collecting since childhood. She has always been drawn to vintage items, found paper, books and magazines to use in her artwork and collage.  She has been especially drawn to mixed media and collage as a way to express herself and her love of color, texture, and her appreciation for time worn and often discarded items.  Her use of layering, sanding, and more layering, invites the viewer to pause and look closer. "What a wonderful excuse to study with one's eyes, to hover, to take time to pause, notice and reflect, and to be more present, if even for just a few moments..."


"Using vintage paper has become even more meaningful in our digital age.  Old dictionaries, encyclopedias, magazines... these are harder and harder to find and yet they connect us to a simpler past; to a time when we were not in such a hurry and when maybe it was easier to notice our surroundings uninterrupted. I hope my work can conjure those feelings, those buried layers of our more innocent humanity. I hope my sense of inward reflection and nostalgia are transferred into the artwork and the viewer can share in that potential sense of slowing down and enjoying our shared history and humanity."

Recent Exhibitions

-Material Obsession   KMAC/Contemporary Art Museum, Louisville, KY  September, 2023

-Hip to be Square   New Editions Gallery, Lexington, KY May, 2023

-Solo Show/ Hidden Treasures: Abstract Collage for the Here and Now(collage and photos)  Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY January, 2023

-Team Kentucky Gallery/ Kentucky State Capitol, Group Show, July-Dec, 2022

-Created collaged bottles for Lex Arts 50th Anniversary/Maker's Mark Fundraiser,  November 2022

-Lexington Art League Member Show, Lexington, KY November 2022

-Day of the Dead, Living Arts and Science Center, Lexington, KY October 2022

-Reimagine, Arts Connect, Living Arts and Science Center, Lexington KY October, 2022

-PRHBTN, 11th Annual Show, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY October, 2022

-Black and White Show, KORE Gallery. Louisville, KY 2022

-How to be Beautiful, Arts Connect Lexington, KY August, 2022

-Solo Show/Simple Pleasures:Abstract Collage for a Complex World, Pam Miller Downtown Art Center, Lexington, KY May, 2022

-Paint the Town, Arts Connect, Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, Lexington, KY June, 2022

-The Great Cover-Up, Living Arts and Science Center, Lexington, KY November, 2021

-PRHBTN, Group Show, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY October 2021

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